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Ico without Stick

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bhive01 said...
  • frustrated
So I just had a birthday this last weekend and got Ico as a gift. I've never owned any PS besides a PS3 so I've never played it, but I've heard good things so I rolled with it. Much to my dismay the booklet wasn't included as part of the "used game" package, and I just jumped right into the game. Unlike most modern games where they have some sort of training mission to introduce the controls to you, Ico just throws you right into the game. From a cinematic perspective this is really effective, but I totally didn't think that you would only be able to pick up the stick in the first area of the game. I just figured that there would be plenty more where the first one came from. I eventually got stuck because I was trying to get the ghost girl up a wall but couldn't get rid of the phantoms with just my horns. Once I realized my error and started over I had a much better time, but damn I was so frustrated. I was trying to figure out what I was doing wrong and it turned out I wasn't doing anything wrong... my error was leaving behind the stick.

Ico (PS2)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Adventure Puzzle
Release Date: 26/SEP/01
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You know, sometimes leaving the stick behind is the best thing you can do.
Ok, not really. The stick is pretty helpful.
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